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Here is a list of curated links to websites and article useful for Adult Leaders to read and reference so we have a shared perspective and perspective.

Essential Scouts BSA Program Resources:

The BSA has refreshed and retooled a pair of online resources for Scouts BSA volunteers.

The first is the Program Resources page. Think of it as your quick-start guide to Scouts BSA. Here, you’ll find a collection of links for starting a Scouts BSA troop, helping Scouts earn merit badges, guiding youth leaders toward more effective troop meetings and more.

    • Link:

    • Who it’s for: Adult volunteers, parents and Scouts

    • Why it’s useful: It’s a list of official resources to help your Scouts BSA troop be the best it can be.

    • What’s there:

        • A checklist for a new Scoutmaster who might be unfamiliar with Scouts BSA

        • The main page for family Scouting, which is the BSA’s initiative to welcome all members of the family into all Scouting programs

        • A one-page, customizable document you can use at parent orientation

        • A troop resource survey, which lets you learn the skills of each troop parent to identify potential merit badge counselors and volunteers

        • The latest requirements for every merit badge

        • The complete script for an orientation for new Scout parents

        • Resources to help you plan better troop meetings

        • Information on the National Eagle Scout Association, which is essentially an alumni group of those who have earned Scouting’s highest honor

The second is the Program Updates page. This one’s for both newcomers and veterans, and it’s where the National Scouts BSA Committee posts the latest information on any changes to the program. If there’s a new program initiative, updated requirement or any change to Scouts BSA printed material, you’ll find it there first.

    • Link:

    • Who it’s for: Adult volunteers, parents and Scouts

    • Why it’s useful: It’s a single place where you’ll find the latest updates or changes to Scouts BSA materials.

    • What’s there:

        • New or updated language for Scouts BSA printed materials, such as the Scouts BSA Handbook, Scouts BSA Requirements book or a merit badge pamphlet

        • Updated requirements for merit badges or ranks

      • Information on new Scouts BSA initiatives or opportunities

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