Tomahawk Summer Camp

  • Tomahawk Summer Camp is the highlight of our Scouting year! For 1 full week at the end of July/beginning of August we chaperone dozens of our Scouts for a week of camping, Merit Badges, Rank Advancement, structured and free-time activities that can't be compared to any weekend camp we do during the year. Scouts having just completed the 5th grade are put into a more structured program focused on Rank Advancement and 2 Merit Badges. Older Scouts are allowed to choose their own schedule of program activities, taking up to 5 Merit Badges during the week. Afternoons are spent in planned Troop Activities that provide us dedicated access to popular camp activities or allow us to work as a group to accomplish a fun goal. You can follow the links to learn more about the Programs, Merit Badges and Activities that can be done at camp.1st Year (5th Grade) Brownsea Program

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  • Older Scout Programs (13+)

The base cost for Tomahawk in 2020 is $317. We round the base cost up to $335 to cover the cost of sending our adult volunteers who are giving up their vacation time to supervise Scouts at camp. The additional cost also covers the cost of some in-camp snacks and optional Troop activities. A deposit of $25 is due in April by all registrants. The balance is due to the Troop by June 1st. Camperships are available through the Council and can cover 1/2 of the base $317 cost. Please contact a Troop leader if you would like to learn more about Camperships. It will be handled discretely. Nobody wants cost to prevent youth from participating in this important Scout camping activity. Note: Some Merit Badges and all High Adventure selections have an additional participation fee. Please make note and include that additional fee in your payment to the Troop.

626 Troops have always brought a large contingent to Tomahawk. Even when we were only 1 Troop, we reserve 2 separate campsites at camp. Cheyenne campsite is larger and is our primary base of operations. It's conveniently located in the center of most activities. It is also the campsite for our 1st Year Scouts and Scouts in their 4th year or higher. Blackfoot campsite is smaller and is dedicated to our 2nd and 3rd year male youth Scouts. All female youth will be in the Cheyenne campsite.

Posts on this page will provide more details on this year's Summer Camp planning and links to register for Merit Badges and other Programs. More information can also be found on the Tomahawk Camp website.

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