Troop 626 Class-B T-Shirts

Post date: Apr 10, 2019 4:7:34 AM

    • Like many Scouting Units, Troop 626 has made up a utility uniform T-Shirt, also known as the "Class-B" uniform. These shirts are worn to all Troop activities when the Class-A, Tan Scouts BSA uniform shirt would not be appropriate or would be too formal for the activity. Examples when we often wear these T-shirts include:Public activities where Scouts will be physically active, working and/or in the heat of summer.

    • Campouts - especially multi-unit campouts so it is clear who is a member of our group, when we are outside our immediate tent area. (Remember, we travel as a Troop in our Class-A uniform. We change into Class-B shirts once we are at camp.)

    • Troop meetings during the school year summer break.

These shirts are quality, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton shirts in heather grey with the Troop logo screen printed in full color on the front, as seen in the illustration to the right. In the St. Odilia Scout storage room, we keep a quantity of shirts in sizes ranging from Youth Medium to Adult 4XL to accommodate Scouts and Scouters of all shapes and sizes.

All new Troop members and adult leaders are issued 1 new shirt for free, early in their membership. Additional shirts are available for purchase for only $7. Families have also given back gently used shirts that they have grown out of or are no longer needed, and those are available for free as additional shirts. In addition to the grey shirts, we have made up a smaller quantity of these shirts in white, for tie-dying at Tomahawk Summer camp. First time Tomahawk attendees are issued a white shirt in their first year joining us at the camp and additional shirts can be purchased if/when they grow out of their original shirt. These are dyed at one night at Summer camp and will be brought home in a sealed bag to be rinsed and dried for future wearing anytime we are in our Class-B shirts.

Please wear these shirts with the pride we all have in their design, quality and our Unit that they represent. Just like the Tan Scouts BSA Uniform, when wearing the Troop 626 Class-B shirts, please remember that you are representing yourself, our Unit and all of Scouting. If you have need for additional or larger size shirts, please let your Scout Leaders know and we will make arrangements for you to get more. Also, consider donating your small or unused shirts back to the Troop so we can help our new members build their personal inventory.