Troop and Crew 626 if 100% self-sufficient from our Sponsored Organization, St. Odilia Catholic Church. This is done by choice and through the effort of our Scouts and Families to raise funds in a number of ways. The funds we raise are used in 2 ways: 1) Troop Overhead, Training and Equipment expenses, and 2) Individual Scout "Camp Bucks" accounts to help buy down activity out-of-pocket expenses for Scouts. The sections below provide an overview of our typical Fundraising efforts.

Annual Family Friends of Scouting Appeal

The national BSA registration fee is only $33/year, but it is estimated that for every Scout, it costs over $250 to properly support their membership with operations, training and facilities. The Annual Family Friends of Scouting fundraising effort largely benefits our area Scouting Council, Northern Start Scouting. Their largest source of funding comes from parents, community organizations, alumni, and the general public who contribute to the annual Friends of Scouting Campaign.

Our Troop is asked to help raise nearly $10,000 annually, in donations from our community members. Our incentive to meet our goal is that all of the Troop's awards for Rank and Merit Badges are free for the year following that year's appeal. We have met our goal for each of the past 5 years. Please help us in meeting our goal by following this link and donating an amount you feel comfortable with. Your pledge can be a one time donation or an annual pledge which can be automatically withdrawn from the source of your choice. All gifts and pledges will be credited to Troop 626 towards our annual goal.

Annual Fall Wreath Sales

Every year, from Mid-September to Mid-December, our Scouts sell Holiday Wreaths and other freshly harvested evergreen decorations. These are sold individually by our Scouts in their neighborhoods as well as at St. Odilia on the Sunday's surrounding Thanksgiving. This sale is the Troop's primary fundraiser for the year. Scouts earn a percentage of their sales towards their Camp Bucks accounts as well.

First Aid Kit Fundraiser

New this spring, we are working on a new fundraiser selling Right Response First Aid Kits. The proceeds from this sale will primarily go towards the Scout's Camp Bucks accounts with a portion being used by the Troop for new equipment and to lower the overall camping activity costs for all Scouts.

Scouts for Hire

We occasionally get requests from St. Odilia community members for capable youth who might be willing to offer manual labor in exchange for a donation to the Troop. Proceeds from the effort are split evenly among all participating Scouts. The effort is usually yard work or moving boxes. If you have a job for Scouts you'd like to hire, email The more notice we have for the effort, the better chances for a well attended effort.

Knights of Columbus Pancake Breakfasts

The St. Odilia Knights of Columbus run charity breakfasts a few times each year. They occasionally ask Scout to help clean tables and provide cleanup services at those breakfasts and pay the Troop for that effort. Proceeds from the effort are split evenly among all participating Scouts.

Bagging Groceries

Grocery Stores like Cub Foods allow organizations like ours to reserve time to bag customer groceries in exchange for gratuity gifts. Proceeds from the effort are split evenly among all participating Scouts. Scouts who are interested in forming a grocery team should work with Leaders to arrange for an available time-slot at an area grocery location.

Yard Waste Assistance

Ramsey County allows organizations to schedule time at area Yard Waste sites to provide assistance to those bringing lawn clippings and trimmings for mulch. Those working are allowed to collect gratuity gifts for their efforts. Proceeds from the effort are split evenly among all participating Scouts.