Packing Bin Buying Guide

Post date: Feb 23, 2019 3:52:41 AM

Most Scout camping weekends, and Tomahawk Summer Camp are generally called "Car Camping". What that means is that the campsite is rarely very far from the parking lot or that we can bring a Troop Trailer with our gear to keep in the campsite. So, it's not necessary for all Scouts to have their own hiking backpack to carry their gear into and out of camp. The Troop is looking to do more backpacking camps, but we have a few backpacks to lend out for those who need it.

For Car Camping, and for Tomahawk, we recommend a heavy duty plastic storage bin for Scouts to pack all of their gear for the weekend. There are several reasons for this:

    • Bins make it easy to pack and find everything needed for the weekend and then some.

    • Bins can be left outside the tent, even in rain, to create more space for the Scouts inside.

    • Bins stack really easy in the Troop Trailer for travel and keep everything protected.

There are several great bins out there that we've seen used. We've provided a list of some of the most common and cost effective out there. These will also give you an idea of the size and features to look for. For those interested, here is a link to an article that tested and reviewed many different bins and provided their recommendations and results, including many listed below. Click here to read that article.

    • Rubbermaid Action Packer (24 Gallon) - This is probably the top of the line bin from a size and durability standpoint. It's the bin pictured in this article. It's a bit large for weekends, but perfect for Tomahawk. The can be found at REI and many Big Box & Home Improvement stores. Not all stores stock them, so you may need to order online and have it shipped to your home or to the store. ~$50

    • Sterilite Industrial Storage Tote in Black (15 and 27 Gallon) - Commonly found at Home Depot. The 27 Gallon is a bit large, especially for weekend camping, but the 15 should do fine with maybe a small backpack of gear for the car. Very reasonable price for the size and durability. $12-14

    • HDX Tough Storage Tote in Black (17 and 27 Gallon sizes) - These are exclusive to Home Depot. The 17 Gallon is perfect for weekends. $8-10