Wreath Sale

Our Troops and Crew Scouting organizations facilitate an annual fundraiser to cover overhead, purchase unit equipment, provide training for our youth and adult leaders as well as to cover other expenses that our units need to operate on an annual basis. Scouts can also earn "Camp Bucks" to offset the cost of camping participation, including high adventure trips.

If you are a member of our organization and are seeking information about how we conduct our sale,

a PDF of the 2019 Announcement Packet can be downloaded as well as a PDF of the catalog. Here is a downloadable version of the Gift Order Form to ship wreaths to customers, directly.

If you are interested in purchasing a wreath from a member of our Troops or Crew, please see the catalog offerings and pricing below. You can then fill out this form to order your products. Someone will be in touch with you to arrange payment and either delivery or pickup at St. Odilia Church on a weekend following in November.

Standard Balsam Fir Wreath

Multiple Sizes Available

25" - $21 | 36" - $39 | 48" - $53

60" - $83 | 72" - $110

25" Premium Itascan Wreath


25" Premium Voyageur Wreath


25" Premium Lake Superior Wreath - $29

One of our most popular items, our Balsam Fir Wreath is made from fresh, fragrant and long-lasting Northern Balsam Fir. Decorations include white tipped pine cones.

Standard Balsam Fir Swag


The 25″ Itascan Wreath is made from a balsam fir and white cedar base. It’s decorated with three clusters of white-tipped cones and red crab apples, along with a festive plaid bow.

Premium Itascan Swag


Our 25″ Voyageur Wreath is made from a balsam fir and white cedar base. It’s decorated with natural pine cones with attached berries, red crab apples and a red and gold metallic bow.

Premium Voyageur Swag


Our 25″ Lake Superior Wreath is made of a balsam fir and white cedar base with berried juniper intermingled in the wreath. Decorations include natural ponderosa pine cones and an exquisite red and green multi-loop velvet bow.

Premium Lake Superior Swag


Our door swags are charming additions to your customers’ homes during the holiday season. The Balsam Door Swag is made with a balsam fir base, with white cedar and red pine layered on top of the base.

Holiday Cross


The Itascan Swag is made of a balsam fir base layered with white cedar and red pine. Decorations include a festive plaid wire-edged bow and a cluster of white-tipped cones.

Christmas Cane


The Voyageur Swag is made of a balsam fir base layered with white cedar and red pine. Decorations include natural ponderosa pine cones and a red and gold metallic bow.

Holiday Ball


The Lake Superior Swag is made of a balsam fir base and white cedar and berried juniper layered in. Decorations include a beautiful red and green multi-loop bow with a cluster of natural cones.

Spruce Tops

(Decorations and Pot NOT Included) - $26

The Holiday Cross has a balsam fir base with white cedar accents. It is perfect for the person looking for a true Christmas decoration.. It is decorated with a 4-loop red velvet button bow and a cluster of white-tipped pine cones. When displayed with an optional gravestand, it makes a perfect grave site decoration.

Mailbox Swag


The Christmas Cane is a charming decoration designed as an alternative to our natural evergreen wreaths, or swag. It can be used as a door or home decoration.

Balsam Garland

25' - $36 | 50' - $56

The hanging Holiday Ball consists of a flora-foam ball with fir boughs arranged to create the base. It is decorated with white-tipped pine cones on a pick and a red velvet multi-loop bow with berry sprigs throughout.

Holiday Centerpiece


Fresh and fragrant Spruce Tops come in bundles of 10 and are 2′ – 3′ in length. These tops are ideal to arrange in a planter or pot and display prominently in your home or business.

* Pot and decorations not included.




Makes a great

Host Gift!

Door Hangers



available for

your display needs.

Our unique Mailbox Swag decoration will add curb appeal to any home. It’s assembled on a sturdy frame of balsam fir boughs and decorated with white-tipped pine cones and a multi-loop red velvet pull bow.

Minnesota Wild Rice


Our natural Balsam Garland has a black poly twine core that the boughs are secured to by our dedicated workers using a machine designed by Evergreen’s founder. It is an excellent product for both indoor and outdoor decorating projects, and can be used almost anywhere.

Door Hanger


Our elegant Holiday Centerpiece is made with a long-lasting fir base and mixed greens in a high-quality basket. The greens are set in a floral oasis that can be watered for continuous enjoyment throughout the holiday season.



All-natural, hand-harvested, wood-parched Minnesota Native Wild Rice is a holiday meal favorite that will be enjoyed by all who eat it. This half-pound package comes with numerous delicious recipes and cooking instructions.

Our gold metal Door Hanger will hold your holiday wreaths and decorations securely in place. Simply hang over your door and hang decoration for easy display.

Our 36″ green metal Gravestand is perfect for displaying one of our natural Christmas decorations on a loved one’s gravesite.

* Wreath sold separately.