Eagle Project Process

The Eagle Scout Project is a leadership project. The process is also a great real world exercise in Project Management. Think of it as an AP class capstone, a college level final paper or a major job deliverable. In all these cases, your goal is to get your project approved and documented so that others can support it. In some real world examples where your proposal would go before a committee that decides which projects go forward and which don't, you have the burden of not leaving anything out or anything to detract from your project or distract the reviewers. That means following the required format, making sure all answers and information is complete and correct, and paying particular attention at submission time. In all of these cases, you would want to do your best, most complete work, to have one or more people provide constructive feedback and criticism, and then really polish your submission before hitting send.

Your Parents, Eagle Coach, Troop Committee Chair, Assistant Scoutmasters, and your Scoutmaster are available resources and we encourage you to use us and run your drafts by us so that by the time the District representative and Eagle Project Proposal committee see them, they are the best representation of your project. Keep in mind that everyone involved in helping you through your Eagle Project process are volunteers and are not being paid to help you complete your project. The District volunteers are reviewing dozens of projects each month.

For ALL correspondence you have with Adults as you work toward Eagle, you must be mindful of the following:

  1. The BSA guidelines for 2-deep leadership must be followed. That applies to in-person as well as electronic contact. Email communication should have at least 1 parent and/or a Troop leader, like your Eagle Coach or Scoutmaster, in addition to the person the email is being sent to.

  2. Your communication should be respectful and professional at all times. ALL emails and your Eagle Project Concept and Eagle Project Workbook should be written using FULL sentences and proofread for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Obvious errors in the Eagle Project Workbook will cause the proposal to be rejected for revision. Let the adults you are corresponding with focus on your plan and content vs. spelling and simple grammar errors.

The video linked below was recorded in November of 2020. It goes over the process of earning Eagle with specific details on how to begin the Eagle Project process.